Sunday, March 3, 2013

Printing heads

I hear that if you have a Kinect then you can turn it into a 3D scanner to make files suitable for 3D printing. I don't have one of those (yet?), but at the MakerBot Retail Store in NYC where we picked up the Replicator 2, they have a 3D photo booth. My son and I each got three scans of our head; the picture below shows his three prints on the left and my three on the right. The black at the bottom of each print is due to some leftover filament from the previous print job. They tell you to take off your glasses for the scan, but I didn't listen to that, so my prints look sort of weird (although less weird than seeing myself without my glasses). If you move a little out of frame you get some weird effects, which is what happened with the one of my son in the back row.

Here's a larger print of one of my son's 3D head files. It does look like him, including the crazy curly hair that apparently was too big for the scanner area.  :)

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