Thursday, December 12, 2013

From Paper to Print to Production

     Here at JMU we have the ability to see many of our creative designs through to the end. We can go from just an idea in our heads to an actual finished product. As an example I designed a large AN-Fitting. I was able to mock up a design in solidworks:
    After the Design was finished it was off to the Mathematics Maker Lab were prototype prints were created:

     The Prototype looked good, and it was time to take this concept to the final stage. One of JMU's best keep secrets is the machine shop, it is a fantastic resource. Since I also work there I was able to machine my own part.

     Here is the raw aluminium stock used:

   A quick look at the part mid way through production:

     And a look at the finished part:

From start to finish, everything was done right here on campus!

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