Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What to do if the Afinia print button doesn't work

The print button

If you try to click on the print button from the Afinia software (mac version 1.4 (3.1)) and nothing happens then follow these steps to re-install.

  1. Drag afinia application to trash folder from the applications folder
  2. Delete the file: users/6dlab/Library/Preferences/AfiniaMicroboards.Afinia.plist
  3. Empty trash
  4. Restart mac
  5. Re-install Afinia software from either the google drive location, the interent, or the install CD in the lab

Note-the google drive folder that is referenced is:
6dlab/3-D Team/software install packages/
If you are on a different computer, replace "6dlab" with your own user name.

This might also solve other problems you may be having with the software but it has been verified that this procedure fixes this problem.


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  1. It may also be that doing the following four things in some order will fix the problem without having to remove/reinstall the software: quit and restart Afinia 3D software, remove USB cord from Afinia and wait 10 seconds before plugging back in, turn Afinia off and on again, restart computer.