Friday, June 28, 2013

What to do if the max nozzle height isn't high enough

If are trying to set the nozzle height and the printer's max height isn't allowing the build plate to come up high enough simply type the maximum value into the 'to' field and click set nozzle height. Once this new height is set, the program then increases the max up by another mm. You can repeat this until you get the height you need.


  1. My software, V1.17 Windows, doesnt add the extra height when i do this... any suggestions? I press the button but it tries to print a test pice while the table is still over 1mm away from the head... i dont want to do that, i just need to add a mm to the overall height so it is 134.10mm

    1. In most situations you should go through the regular nozzle height setting procedure as described in the user manual.