Monday, October 21, 2013

Heatwave Vase

I went on Thingiverse over the summer and found a neat little design of a vase ( The vase is called "Heatwave" according to the user. This seemed like a nice little decoration to have to put stuff in, and brighten the living space.

The vase's wall width is about 2mm thick, so the filling used here was "Solid", figuring that anything more might create unnecessary holes or gaps in the wall. The quality of this print was set at Fine, since we were dealing with such a small thickness.

Under the 'Part' section of the settings before printing, I chose to have the angle for the support material to be less than 10 degrees. This caused no support to be made.
The Surface, I left to be 3 layers.

Under the 'Support' Section on the same window, I choose to have 4 layers instead of 3 for the Dense section, with an angle of less than 10 Degrees also.
I left the Space to be 4 lines and the Area greater than 3 mm^2.

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