Monday, October 7, 2013

The CubeX Trio is here!

Three extruder heads, ABS/PLA capability, and a print volume the size of a basketball!  The CubeX Trio is here and set up in the JMU 3-SPACE classroom in Burruss Hall.  The machine is in 3-SPACE only because is too big to fit in the MakerLab.  The CubeX belongs to the JMU MakerLab in Math/Stat so let us know if you have ideas for big math things to print!

For a gentle introduction to using the machine and its software look at the Beginner's Tutorial from Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab, and for leveling/hardware issues check out the CubeX User Guide.

It's a small pumpkin in there for size comparison, but still!

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